Founded in 2014 by Carlos Estrada and Luisa María Martínez Arcaraz, True Films is a production company established in Mexico City. By joining our different backgrounds in production services, as well as in post production and as production fixers, we aim to give our clients the highest standards of filmmaking for each project.

Carlos has been working in the film, TV and advertising industry since 1997, garnering an impressive amount of experience as a producer in both national and international advertisement, production services, TV shows, and films. Through his experience he has developed the skills needed to be in charge of and deliver projects seamlessly, making close relationships with partners and clients to fully understand each project’s needs. Always on the lookout for new creative paths, Carlos is constantly on a search for new production opportunities and adventures.

Born in Mexico City, Luisa is the daughter of film and TV director Gonzalo Martínez Ortega and film and TV producer and cultural promoter María Luisa Arcaraz. Her maternal grandfather is composer and big band leader Luis Arcaraz. Since graduating from film school, Luisa has worked in all facets of the production process. She has been in charge of production services in Mexico in films, documentaries and programmes such as “Wonders of Life” for the BBC; the BAFTA-nominated feature film “Monsters” directed by Gareth Edwards; “Nick Baker’s Weird Creatures” for Animal Planet; “Roads Less Travelled” for Lonely Planet and National Geographic; and “Stephen Fry in Central America” for ITV. She has specialised in the last 15 years in editing and postproduction for short films, feature films, TV series and advertising, such as the Netflix international original “Club of Crows”, and the long form documentary “Fandango At The Wall”, directed by Varda Bar-Kar and executive produced by Kabir Sehgal, Quincy Jones, Carlos Santana, and Andrew Young. She is a member of the British Film Editors (BFE), Film Fatales, Primetime Network and Free the Work. During the last years, she has split her time between London and Mexico City.

True Films